Alessi 8.5 fl. oz. Organic White Balsamic Vinegar

Item Number: 1173
Alessi Organic White Balsamic Vinegar was invented by us due to the realization that the color of the traditional Balsamic Vinegar tended to dominate more delicate dishes. Alessi Foods held the patent for more than 20 years. White balsamic has all the unique notes, nuances and complexities of traditional balsamic, but without the color. Use Alessi Organic White Balsamic Vinegar in salads and white sauces, fish, vegetables or french fries.

Product Specifications

UPC 071072011737

Product Info

  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Packed in: USA
  • Best By Date/Location: DDMMMYYYY; On the side of the bottle towards the bottom
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