Alessi 12 oz. Gluten Free Gnocchi

Item Number: 80332
The evolution of gnocchi is quite an interesting one. It is believed that gnocchi, which in Italian translates as "lumps," were the first type of pasta to be eaten by Italians. Theory has it that bits of dough made of flour and water were pinched off and shaped with the tines of a fork and then dropped into boiling water. These small, tasty dumplings cooked quickly and their texture allowed sauces to readily adhere. With the introduction of the potato from the New World, Italians exchanged wheat flour for potato flour which resulted in an even lighter, more delicate gnocchi. Alessi Gluten Free Gnocchi cook in minutes and are versatile and delicious with tomato sauce or pesto.

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  • Country of Origin: Italy
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