Alessi 8.8 oz. Decaffeinated Espresso

Item Number: 3003
Alessi Decaffeinizzato Espresso is the perfect blending of exotic beans that will result in a full-bodied, rich flavored premium brew. Coffee beans are not grown in Italy, but the Italians' love for coffee has made them the premiere experts in blending and roasting. Through a natural process, caffeine is removed from the coffee beans prior to the roasting process. Blends are then carefully selected and vacuum packed to preserve its just roasted freshness. Enjoy the aromatic, European dark-roasted decaffeinated Alessi Caffe Espresso.

Product Specifications

UPC 071072030035

Product Info

  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Packed in: Italy
  • Best By Date/Location: MMYYYY; On the bottom side of the can
  • Serving Suggestions:


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