Alessi 1 lbs Organic Farro

Item Number: 80130
Farro, known as the "Mother of all wheat" was so important to the Roman Legions that it was sometimes used as a currency. This Mediterranean grain was and still is a staple food prized not only for its taste but also for its nutritional value. High in protein, fiber and iron, it is very easy to digest and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. With a quick twenty minute cooking time, farro can be used in soups, salads, stews or casseroles and can even be used as a substitute for brown rice. Its heartiness, interesting texture and nutty flavor enhances many dishes. Alessi Farro is pearled, meaning the hull has been removed, and results in a quicker cooking time. It can be used in traditional Tuscan recipes or even in simple recipes that will impress and delight your family and friends.

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  • Country of Origin: ITA
  • Packed in: ITA
  • Best By Date/Location: ;
  • Serving Suggestions:
  • Allergy Warning: Tree nuts, Soy, Wheat, Glutens
  • Attributes: No Hydrogenated Oils, BPA Free, Natural Ingredients, Organic, No GMOs


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