Alessi 13 oz. Kosher Salt

Item Number: 80148
Since ancient times, salt has been a precious mineral. It was once traded ounce per ounce for gold and was even used as currency in Roman times. The word "salary" has its meaning based on the important role salt (sa -le in Italian) has played throughout history. Salt is a natural product and it is either mined from the ground or is obtained through evaporation. Kosher salt is obtained using a unique pressurized evaporation method that results in hollow, pyramid shaped crystals. Chefs enjoy using Kosher salt as the fragile crystals allow for controlled seasoning and pure, clean taste.

Product Specifications

UPC 071072801482

Product Info

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Packed in: USA
  • Best By Date/Location: DDMMMYYYY; On the bottom side of the cannister
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