Vigo 6 oz. Collard Green Soup

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Soup is an ancient food whose origins predate recorded history. It is unknown exactly how soup became a food, but one can assume it started very simply as a meager combination of water, animal bones and scraps of meat, fish or chicken and vegetables. Over time, soup became more refined with the addition of spices, beans and grains. Soup, once thought of as food of the poor, has reached an elevated status of sophistication and is recognized today, not only for its taste, but also its healthful attributes. Vigo Collard Green Soup (Caldo Gallego) is based on a traditional Spanish recipe from the Galicia region of Spain. Galicia is a mountainous area in Northern Spain where a big bowl of hearty soup, some crusty bread and a glass of wine make a typical meal for the people of the rugged area. Our version is the perfect combination of white beans, onion, green peppers, and collard greens, which contribute to this unique soup's intense flavor and satisfying heartiness.

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